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I love to sail, I love to share what I know (or what I think I know), and I love to communicate. If you have a subject that you think I might have something to say about, or an event that needs a commentary, let me know. I almost always have something to say. Hoping to hear from you soon.


4 thoughts on “Talk to me!

    • Thanks for your input, I am considering a variety of ways to expand my site to include other stuff, just haven’t quite settled on a satisfactory method. I will keep this link and use it when I do. Thanks.

  1. Willie,

    VERY enjoyable —— Great site!
    I will say that I learned long ago – not to threaten “The Boat” (any boat) when on a road trip or during a race. “The Boat” like a wife —- always wins! No matter how good a sailor you are, or think you are “The Boat” always has the last laugh !

    Hope to see more

    Paul, OSC

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