Watching the telltales

The learning curve is still nearly vertical but it is fun and educational. I am looking forward to the challenges and opportunities of creating a valuable resource for a wide audience. Time will tell.

I have been sailing all my life, one way or another.  It wasn’t until 1985 that I figured out that a boat, wind and water made it a lot more enjoyable. I have owned numerous boats since then, mostly in pursuit of higher performance or more intense competition. I have sailed prams, kayaks, canoes, catamarans, trimarans, racers and cruisers. The lessons I have learned are numerous and applicable on a broad scale. Writing about them is not only enjoyable, it often allows me to review lessons that I have learned before, and prepare for those lessons that I have still to learn. Several pages of this collection are available on this site. I have been certified by the American Sailing Association, US Sailing, and the US Coast Guard, as a sailing instructor, powerboat instructor, and Captain.

Although we have been in business since 1996, we are just beginning to make our business available on the internet, keep an eye on this sight, it changes every day.