Loose Cannon Trimaran

Trimaran, Loose Cannon, a custom built F31R built by Corsair Marine in 2000. Several pages describing adventures and events have been posted under this heading. Trailering to Buzzards Bay, Trimaran Nationals in Fort Walton, and Regatta Time in Abaco  have details of some of the trimaran’s escapades  . A variety of more limited excursions and learning experiences are are also included.

Trimaran Loose Cannon reaching for the rum

Trimaran Loose Cannon reaching for the rum in April Rum Race

Several of the stories will clarify the exhilaration that I get from sailing this machine. While the name has been cast about occaisionally in reference to the skipper, my intent was in reference to the original loose cannons aboard sailing warships of the past centuries. A loose cannon is powerful and dangerous. Never something to be taken too lightly.

I’ve had experienced sailors drop to their knees to keep from being knocked back by the acceleration. I’ve had the boat ignore the helm and sail directly at awe inspired race committee. I’ve trimmed the main to raise the windward hull far enough to clear the transom of a competitor. I’ve disappeared into a cloud of spray with a little bit of sail sticking out.

Here is a  portion of something I wrote in 2002.

What I am doing

Inspiration, I had educational week end inTampa. I met a new group of people and learned a few things that I believe will help me. I feel great, life is good , and I owe most of it to my boat. It is the best fitness machine that I have ever used. Once in a great while it gives me peace and tranquility. Usually it just wants to play. Urging me to reach a new level. Fast and Furious, educational, real forgiving, for what is available. Loose Cannon, YEE HA. The technology is impressive. I derive great pleasure from watching, making, explaining how, and knowing how the thing works. The Thing? Maybe, probably feminine, most definitely independent, seldom obstinate, so far, pretty and caring.  Delicate, indestructible, the inevitable vertex of wind and water. Arouses my passion. Feeds my soul. Allows competition, enjoys being controlled, literally jumping for joy when controlled properly. What a delightful beast. Very attractive in an intimidating sort of way. Strong, confident, inspired, unusual, striking, powerful, a little wicked, truly angelic. One thing about loose nets, she looks like she’s flying when the nets are floating in the breeze. Tight is better, more comfy, more stable. I guess I’m in love with my boat. So be it.


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