Top ten reasons for racing trimarans

Top ten reasons for racing trimarans
  1. A great sense of accomplishment to get my boat and my crew on the water at the same time trying to do the same thing.
  2. The enormous ego boost of having something that is so cool, so fast, so expensive, but gets stuck in the sand just like a $500 Catalina.
  3. Being in the group of people that include the truly phenomenal “already are”, the always hopeful “want to be”, the ever present “used to be” and not just one of the “I wish I had”.
  4. The exhilaration of those tiny moments of glory that accompany a good start, a wise choice, a flyer that works,  a good set, a great tack, or watching the speedo make 20+.
  5. The satisfaction of putting in a reef and having it be the correct thing to do.
  6. Chasing someone for twenty miles, and pass them in the last two boat lengths.
  7. Finishing overlapped with another boat. Granted overlapped at the front of the pack is better than at the back but overlapped is always good.
  8. Racing with my wife and kids and winning, sometimes even finishing first.
  9. The camaraderie of a large group of people that are virtually strangers but share such powerful feelings about the same thing.
  10. Passing Randy Smyth like he was sitting still and watching the surprise on his face, granted it was between races, and he was eating lunch, but what the hell, you take your pleasures when you can get them.

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