Top Ten Things I Learned at Nationals 2008

Top Ten Things I Learned at Nationals 2008

10. Tires work a lot better when they are round and full of air.

9. New England is a good distance from Florida… both ways, and the George Washington Bridge route doesn’t make it any shorter.

8. Buzzards Bay is pretty freaking cool, from the lighthouses and the temperatures, to the plethora of sailboats and the cute Tabor Academy high school girls that sail them.

7. Two Blevins can stay two weeks in a little tiny motel room and come out alive. 6. The jib batten pockets really need to have battens in them. 5. My rudder bushings are sloppy loose, and the positive rotators are not that positive.

4. Helmsman, main trimmer, and tactician, are at least three distinct full time positions.

3. Configuration number four of the tiller, mainsheet, and traveler layout is better than the first three but it still doesn’t work like it must.

2. Always start first, always start with clear air, always, always, always.

2.1. Faster is more important than fast.

2.2 Upwind apparent wind angle is 31 degrees.

2.3 Upwind boat speed in about ten knots of breeze is about ten knots.

2.4 Oversized off road tires last a lot longer off road.

2.5 Highway US1 can be a lot faster than Interstate 95.

2.6 Uncle Johns Coffee Café has internet.

2.7 The tools, hardware, clothes, and other stuff that ones takes on a trip like this is not generally the stuff that one should take on a trip like this.

2.8 Not all of the Music on Orion’s IPOD is negative. This last one, Orion observed and recognized, I guess I am just trying to ignore it.

1. Money ebbs faster than water.

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