Some Enchanted Sailing – Never Let Them Go

Some Enchanted Sailing (to the tune of a similar diddy in “South Pacific”)

by Willie Blevins

When you’re out there racing

You may not be leading

you may not be faster

But you want to win

And somehow you know,

The wind will fill in

your tack will be lifted

Again and again.



On the way to windward

You will gain a boat length

You will be the lead boat

And give them dirty air

And tack after tack

With never a doubt

You camp on their wind

Don’t let them get out


Stealing their wind

Keeps you in the lead

Once you have gassed them

Never let them go

When you’re going downwind

You must get the inside

Never let them pass you

Even if you must jibe

Then complete the douse

And don’t let them in

Now trim in the sails

And go back up wind


Once you have led them

Never let them go.

Once you have led them,

Never let them go!

Some Enchanted Sailing