Rum Racing and LMSA races

Rum Racing

Every Wednesday evening during daylight savings time the Lake Monroe Sailing Association hosts Rum Racing an open sailboat race currently (2012) sponsored by Malibu Rum. I have been very fortunate to have sailed with most of the competitors that attend this weekly event.This is the hot ticket right now in central Florida on Lake Monroe, so it has a majority of the current articles.New boats and sailors of all skill levels from novice to expert play this game every week. We have a great time in a casual “on your honor” format which requires a lot of tolerance in both on the water integrity and after the fact story telling.  Suffice to say that reported finish times may not be the only things being embellished. Our Club Series and some of the other less formal races are covered under this heading. The Wednesday evening Rum race has been a great success for the Lake Monroe Sailing Association. Rum Racing has seen over seventy different boats compete in the recorded history, with nearly six hundred scores having been recorded..This event has proven to be a great feeder race toward the purpose of gaining new club members.