Rum Race 08/22/12

Rum Race 08/22/12

The forecast was unfavorable, and the radar showed massive yellow and red patterns moving up the interstate from Tampa with a constant bearing and decreasing range to Lake Monroe.  Unlikely  that tonight’s race would attract a record number of participants but there are few that seemingly will not be dissuaded. Show Me will bring the bubble after all, S and M spend a significant portion of their sailing time in the water anyway. Mon Cheri ‘s determination is unquestionable,  Ole Yeller will sail as long as he has beautiful crew, and Panacea has new sails. My recent ride said he was going with or without me. No sense passing an opportunity to be on the water.

Southerlies produce little if any wave action on Lake Monroe. My observations from Shore Drive indicated unusual consistency by virtue of the lack of glassy areas anywhere on the lake. My traditional circulation of Monroe Harbour Marina produced the exact list of participants expected. Recent encounters with Show Me have been quite competitive so I naturally assumed match racing posture once the sails were up.  Offense seems to be more difficult than defense, which surprised me, since offensive is one of my best things. The Precision 23 was decidedly more effective in maintaining speed prior to the start. While we managed to keep the Hunter 23.5 in a favorable position, the last jibe included a stall that framed a perfect picture of Show Me’s transom crossing the line at hull speed.

The south wind makes the course a start, reach, jibe, reach, finish. Not the most successful situation for a jib versus genoa competition. It turned out to be perfect weather wise, comfortable temperature and fairly steady breeze. After the finish we challenged Show Me to figure eights around the PVC markers, we have some work to do on accelerating. I blame the small headsail but there might be something about technique. Hey, what the heck, Ariel pulled number two in the drawing and I went home with the Malibu Red.


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