Combined Rating Adjustment Parameter Factor

Combined Rating Adjustment Parameter Factor I honestly forget where this came from, I am accused of having a hand in it because of some of the terminology, but it is too good for me to have written it by myself. In any case it requires repeating and repeating and repeating…

The definitive handicapping system.

The Combined Rating Adjustment Parameter Factor
Each parameter shall be rated between .1 and 1.99 with 1.0 being the average
as decided by a panel of international experts.


a.Age old=.1 average=1 first race =1.99
b.Material canvas=.1 new Dacron=1 pure testosterone 1.99
c.Measure smallest=.1 class legal=1 huge=1.99
d.Design home made=.1 Last years third place =1 Undefeated=1.99


a.Weight Fat=.1 Ben Stein=1 12 year old Olympic gymnast=1.99
b.Age less than 2=.1 70 and up=1 21and sober=1.99
c.Experience seen water=.1 knows sheet/halyard=1 brings winch handle=1.99
d.I.Q. too dumb to fish=.1 can sign waiver=1 sees wind in color =1.99
e.Strength roll tacks literally=.1 hauls sails to boat=1 climbs forestay=1.99
f.Speed stationary=.1 gets out of own way=1 runs a 6 second 100=1.99


a.Age old=.1 current model=1 smell of new glass makes you ill=1.99
b.Weight boot stripe under water=.1 average=1 needs longer rudder=1.99
c.Preparation barnacles=.1 clean=1 sanded twice daily with 1500=1.99


a.Age cocky=.1 should know better=1 does know better=1.99
b.Weight tonnage=.1 proportional=1 size 2 bikini =1.99
c.Experience snark=.1 At least 1 club trophy=1 National Champ 5 classes=1.99
d.I.Q. uses ‘94 rule book=.1 Read Arthur Knapp Jr.=1 Never picks the wrong side=1.99

All factors to be multiplied together and divided into the National Handicap.

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