Buzzards Bay Regatta

Buzzards Bay Regatta
or Bust
-Friday July 25, 2008

And we’re off!
From central Florida we merged onto 1-95 in Daytona. Loose Cannon seems to be doing well, bearings are just warm. There does seem to be a little issue with the trailer brakes. I crossed my fingers. In addition it was really hot outside. Beating the air conditioner blower in the Suburban with a stick to keep the fan running had gotten to be a nuisance because I kept waking up Orion. We eased off the interstate into a burg just North of Jacksonville and found a mechanic that pointed us to a parts place that incredibly, had the fan in stock. Good buddy mechanic man swapped it out and truck is delightfully cool again, probably could have done that a little earlier. We have been beating it and kicking it since going to Michigan for Catalina Nationals last year, I even have a special AC beating stick. we made it to Dunn NC just before I started sleeping through all the lane changes. We seem to be getting a wopping 7 miles to the gallon, for a fuel cost so far of 50 cents a mile, ooof. Burned up some credit card reward points accumulated on the Michigan trip to make ourselves comfortable at the Hampton Inn. This is awful, but it makes me want to say “we done Dunn that” like the ladies I overheard in the grocery store. Sorry.

In addition to these postings I am working with some other notorious Catalina 22 sailors in sponsoring a proposal to establish a minimum boat weight and that is going just swimmingly. Maybe drowningly is a better description. I am sure to irritate a bunch of people before this is over, but a guy has to stick with his best moves, eh? I even irritate myself sometimes.

Any good fortune will make our next stop be in Maryland tomorrow night and Buzzards Bay on Sunday. We will use Mon, Tues, Wed, to get set up, oriented, park the trailer, and find a slip or mooring. The Beverly Yacht Club says they will be happy to lets use a mooring for a mere $40 per night. Probably cheaper than tying up to a lobster pot, but I may take my chances.
Hopefully we will maintain a mostly uneventful trip until we kick some trimaran butt.


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